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Discover 2gether

Ages 1.5 - 3 years

$40 per month

Bring your tot and discover together all the excitement the gym has to offer! Parents will participate in a fun class designed to stimulate each child's physical and mental development in their early years. This class will create a strong foundation upon which to build.​


Ages 3-5 years

$50 per month

Let the exploration begin! This preschool gymnastics class introduces children to the different gym apparatuses and is guided by a passionate, fun-loving instructor. Class time is structured for your child's accelerated learning of balance, muscle memory, fine motor skills, discipline, concentration and following instructions... all while having a blast!


Ages 3-5

$55 per month

Welcome, aspiring mini- ninjas! This class is for preschoolers interested in introductory parkour. This class harnesses wild energy and directs it into jumping, climbing, running and conquering obstacles. Each child will begin to grow mentally and physically in a structured environment with a dedicated instructor. 


Ages 5+

$80 per month

Welcome all newcomers, it's time to navigate new territory! These students will begin to learn basic skills and start finding their way through the 4 gym events: Floor, Vault, Beam and Bars. Each child will gain confidence as they see progress by marking and tracking 


Ages 5+

$80 per month

At this Intermediate level, each student will continue to conquer new skills, and they will begin to kindle a passion for gymnastics while gaining confidence. Children at this level will have the just the right amount of skill tracking, body conditioning and FUN! 

Tumblers I

Ages 5+

$80 per month

This Floor-focused class teaches the fundamentals of tumbling. Students in this class generally express interest in learning higher level floor skills at a fast pace. They will not use the other apparatuses: beam, bars or vault, but instead focus on body shaping/ conditioning, jumps and progressive floor skills. ​

Free Runners

Ages 5+

$80 per month

Ready to run, jump, climb, swerve, flip and fly? This Parkour level 1 class is for you! This class is for those interested in building discipline, endurance, speed, body awareness and control, strength and so much more. Students will be trained the many different ways to overcome obstacles on a mats course, as well as condition the body and mind to become strong athletes.